Sylvia Persson, Sweden

Company: SylviaKPersson
Name: Sylvia Persson
Country: Sweden

Vinköl Frösviken
532 94

Phone: +46 70 696 8702

SylviaKPersson is owned and operated by me, Sylvia Persson. The company was started in April 2010.

Communication and change are my keywords. My strength is to find and clarify details that contribute to progress. This is an ability I have learned because I have a burning interest in development, to decide what you want and then to get there.

Horses are big, strong and fast. All the time, pay attention to what we want and mean. They want to be with us, work for us and do good. Being with us humans actually replaces employment “betaing” with other meaningfulness. This is despite the fact that they are basically prey animals, and we humans are hunters. When we are together, humans share in the horse’s physique, and the horse gets a share of our human brain. The device is unbeatable! It is no coincidence that the horse symbolizes power and courage. It both scares and attracts. One of the points of my work with horses in coaching is that it is the unit that is strong. By using the horses, we get closer to the true person of ourselves. If we build on the wholeness we have of emotions, thoughts, body and soul, we reach our goals without fighting and fighting. The horses teach us how to come into our own. The horses show us our full potential. It’s for me to be effective. To quickly and energy-efficiently succeed with our intentions. Think of a company or organization where all employees use their full potential and also feel better about it. What profitability would we achieve?