EAHAE coaches and trainers who work with horses

The EAHAE International Association for Horse Assisted Education (founded by Gerhard Jes Krebs) is a worldwide organization with 300 coaches and trainers in 40 countries on all five continents.

The vision is to establish and develop Horse Assisted Education as a general form of personal and professional development in enterprises, organizations, institutions, societies, and for personal purposes. 

Our work with people and horses is based on profound knowledge, competence and years of experience.

The methodology has matured over more than 25 years and brings about long-lasting positive developments for leadership tasks, team success and personality development.

To become a Qualified EAHAE Member, one must have a sound knowledge of handling horses and a deep understanding of one’s target group. We are happy to answer any questions by e-mail at office@eahae.org.

The basis of our cooperation is mutual trust and collaboration instead of competition. We see our horses as trainers, not as tools.

HorseDream is the worldwide quality brand and the core of the EAHAE International.

The HorseDream training concept is based on three pillars: respect, trust, and love – for horses as well as for people. In addition, there are some basic character traits and behaviours: seeing the good, expecting the positive, emphasising the common. As far as leadership is concerned, we think that “if you want to lead, you have to be able to serve“. This also applies to both horses and humans.

In leadership, male and female energies should be balanced. It is not about man or woman but about the shares of masculine and feminine perspectives and goals.

We coach our participants through a two-day or multi-day learning process. This process is self-determined. You take with you exactly what is important in the given moment. We reduce and focus on what is essential right now.

All this takes place from beginning to end in a logical seminar structure that offers theoretical support and emotional security. Within this structure, however, we are as creative and flexible as necessary. Every single leadership seminar, team training, and trainer workshop thus becomes a unique work of art in which the horses, the participants, and we, as organizers, are involved.

The main points of our “philosophy”:

  • Trust and confidence—the basis of leadership
  • Trust in advance, the opposite of mistrust
  • Seeing the good
  • Liking people
  • Expecting the positive
  • Emphasizing commonalities, what we all have in common
  • Orientation towards the goal
  • The goal is the goal
  • Defining the direction or parameters, not the way towards the goal
  • Direction, milestones, goal
  • Asking questions about your own goals
  • Having the courage to change goals

“The horse is the trainer” means for us that we are in the background of horse-assisted coaching and leaving the training (or coaching) to the horse. This enables the coachee to experiment. Horses need a certain amount of time to grow in the role of the trainer, and we have to support them.

We have compiled a few statements from our Train the Trainer seminar concept that has to do with attitude – attitude in two aspects: towards the horses and the people. These are not advice on how to deal with horses, but explanations on how we deal with our horses:

  • We promote their self-confidence wherever possible.
  • We leave decisions to them as often as possible.
  • We do not expect obedience where it is not necessary.
  • We do not condition them (in the sense of if-then).

Our horses became self-confident personalities who, as trainers, help people to build trust, to believe in themselves and others, to earn respect for themselves and respect others, to recognize goals – and achieve them, to accept challenges and overcome barriers, to overcome fears, to assert themselves without abusing power.