EAHAE coaches and trainers who work with horses

The EAHAE International Association for Horse Assisted Education (founded by Gerhard Jes Krebs) is a worldwide organization with 300 coaches and trainers in 40 countries on all five continents.

The vision is to establish and develop Horse Assisted Education as a general form of personal and professional development in enterprises, organizations, institutions, societies, and for personal purposes.  There are 300 trainers, coaches and therapists in some 40 countries on five continents.

Our work with people and horses is based on profound knowledge, competence and years of experience.

The methodology has matured over more than 25 years and brings about long-lasting positive developments for leadership tasks, team success and personality development.

To become a Qualified EAHAE Member, one must have a sound knowledge of handling horses and a deep understanding of one’s target group. We are happy to answer any questions by e-mail at office@eahae.org.