Susanna Grassi, Italy

Name: Susanna Grassi
Country: Italy

Stable: Dressage Life
Usmate Velate (MB)

Phone: +39 339 8343 733

The horse is an extraordinary creature, an animal that has always fascinated the collective imagination through myths and legends and its charm and magnetism remained intact throughout the centuries.

As a psychologist I strongly believe in the therapeutic and educational role of the horse, especially in all those cases of low self-esteem, relationship problems, stress, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity.

We live in a world increasingly dominated by control and performance, a world in which we are constantly evaluated and judged and where we have to maintain strict control over our emotions doing our best to appear perfect.

The horse helps us recover our spontaneity and authenticity.

The horse embodies our most instinctive and emotional essence, which must find a harmonious balance with the rational and controlling part of our selves.

The horse doesn’t judge us and next to him we can learn to communicate by opening all our senses, learning to stay in the present moment. In these moments, we experience each other, we smell each other, we listen to each other, we establish deep physical contact, we let go of our defenses and we become more aware of our body and our expressive abilities.

With a horse there are no masks: we can try to hide, but he is incredibly skilled at putting us in front of our fears and weaknesses.

The physical contact with the horse reminds us of the importance of a relationship of closeness with others, which is fundamental for our emotional well-being and the nourishment of human relationships.

The relationship with the horse improves our self-esteem as well as the trust that we have in ourselves and in our relational skills and it leaves no room for selfishness or egocentrism teaching us the importance of a deep connection based on mutual listening.

The horse teaches us respect, generosity and naturalness. The horse is there because of who we are, not what we show.