Roberto Lambruschi
via Marche, 43
Cologno Monzese (MI)

Mobile Phone: +39 339-3783994
Fax: +39 02-95338043
E-mail: international@equitabile.it
Website: https://www.equitabile.it/english-version/

EQUITABILE®: Your Passion for Horses at the Service of  Social Issues!

Who  we are:  

We are a Movement that promotes equestrian activities in Social issues, more specifically Integrated Equitation, inspired by the traditions of hippotherapy and equestrian rehabilitation, but exclusively for its educational, relational and pre-sport aspects,  at the same time however, recognizing the importance of  the rehabilitative types of activities.

Our interventions are directed towards social inclusion. We operate under the protection of a strong Registered Brand (EQUITABILE®), a guarantee of quality and competence, in accordance with strong ethical rules (linked to the welfare of both the animal and the person) and through the application of operative protocols recognized at an international level.  

Who is EQUITABILE® aimed at?

EQUITABILE® wishes not only to satisfy the needs of those who are looking for a specific training in Integrated Equitation for a new job teaching horse-riding or in some way connected to the world of horses.

We hope that, in time, our website will be helpful to the organizations operating in social fields through inter-action with horses and education in general, for the search of Integrated Riding Centres, which will eventually contribute to the growth of this website and the movement itself.

The Training:

All the EQUITABILE® operators have to follow a specific training course, including theory and practical classes in order to reach the  highest competence and security standards.

Courses can be attended by those who are able to ride the 3 gaits, who have a basic experience in the equestrian world, and that have a cultural level in line with the duties permitted by the patent.

Together with some important Sports, Educational and Voluntary Organizations, we organize courses for Technical Operators, Volunteers and Professionals who want to acquire specific competences in the field of equestrian rehabilitation centred on the educational and relational aspect:  Integrated Equitation.

The courses follow the highest and strictest  quality standards  in order to guarantee a high technical competence in the field of equestrian rehabilitation. 

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