Oksana Loginova, Russia

Name: Oksana Loginova
Country: Russia

Location: Sankt Petersburg
Phone +79219437922 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram)
E-mail: loginova.oks@gmail.com 

I am ready to offer my clients a wide range of programs with horses, for example:
• leadership programs for individuals and groups,
• coaching sessions,
• corporate trainings, strategic sessions, team building, off-site meetings,
• and other events at your request.

My main values in life are freedom and respect, and this is what I base my activities on. For a person who wants to develop, discover new facets in himself, overcome difficulties, grow and enjoy life a free horse, who is open to communication, able to realize and satisfy its desires, but at the same time respecting people, relatives, and other animals, becomes an excellent partner. When a person realizes that he is able to build a relationship with such a powerful and impressive animal, his self-esteem certainly increases, which has a positive effect on his overall self-confidence.

Contact with a horse contributes to the development of emotional stability and self-discipline. Horses are very sensitive creatures and respond well to a person’s emotional state. When working with a horse, we learn to manage our emotions and be calm, relaxed, but at the same time collected and attentive, which helps develop self-discipline and the ability to control ourselves in stressful situations. Communication with a horse helps develop empathy and the ability to understand the feelings and emotions of other creatures.
In addition, horse training helps develop communication and leadership skills. Working with a horse requires establishing clear and concise communication between human and animal. Such communication allows a person to develop persuasion skills and the ability to convey his thoughts and desires so that they are understandable to a horse. These communication skills can be applied to interacting with people, helping to develop leadership and teamwork skills.

In any case, communicating with the most beautiful, strong and intelligent animals in nature is always pleasant and useful!