Michelle Mook, UK

Company: Pro-Development (UK) Limited
United Kingdom
Name: Michelle Mook
Country: UK

Unit 4, Forest Farm Business Park, Fulford,

Phone: 01904 628838
Mobile: 07772 921460
E-Mail: michelle.mook@pro-development.co.uk
Website: www.pro-development.co.uk

Michelle Mook is the founder and Managing Director of Pro-Development (UK) Limited who work with businesses in the UK supporting them to develop their people, leaders and teams. 

Pro-Development specialise in leadership and management development, training and coaching and building teams using a variety of experiential techniques to bring learning to life and create long lasting, embedded learning. Pro-Development has grown since it was founded in 2011 and enjoys seeing their clients grow and thrive when focusing on the development of people.

Michelle has been working alongside a HorsePower facilitator in the UK for 10 years developing leaders and teams and has observed and facilitated some incredible learning experiences which have a life-long impact on both the individuals and subsequently their teams. 

Continuing to integrate the horse assisted education into their programmes and coaching will be a key focus for Michelle who is looking forward to partnering with other HorsePower facilitators and utilising and facilitating more horse assisted education programmes.