Lenka Kmeťová, Slovakia

Company: KNOW-HORSE®
Horse Assisted Professional Development and Education
Name: Lenka Kmeťová
Country: Slovakia

Marketing Angels, Ltd.
Macov 69
930 32 Macov
Slovak Republic

Mobile Phone: +421 903 246 693
E-mail: kmetova@marketingangels.sk
Websites: www.marketingangels.skwww.haeknowhorse.sk

KNOW-HORSE Horse Assisted Professional Development and Education

As the first EAHAE qualified Horse Assisted Educator in Slovakia, Lenka has created the KNOW-HORSE, a new brand representing HAE and providing trainings focused on The Art of Leadership, Team Building & Development, Non-verbal Communication, Time Management and Motivation.

Currently, she occupies the position of Managing Director at Marketing Angels and leads as well as selected „soft skills“ trainings, including HAE and marketing communication courses.

She studied at the Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) in Nitra, Faculty of Economics and Management followed by a group of professional educational programs focused on marketing, management and human resources within EU projects.

During her career she held important management positions in Slovak and foreign companies (Association for Management Training and Development , Trend Holding Publishing House, FORZA Production House, Ardaco, Microsoft Slovakia, Scytl Secure Electronic Voting. She worked as a lecturer and project manager in international educational projects focusing on soft skills, human resources, marketing and marketing communication.

She founded and managed her own event agency TOP Events, under which heading launched a new concept in educational activities with world celebrities – seminars with Philip Kotler, marketing “guru” (2002, 2007), talk-show with Jack Welch, a globally admired leader, former CEO of General Electric (2005), a series of seminars “Leaders for Leaders” (5 modules), “Welcome to Europe” (9 modules) and the event “Be Smart, Vote for the EU”, made in support of Slovakia’s accession to the EU. Also she created and managed the socio-charitable projects “Painting by Heart” (2003, 2005) designed to help the Children of Slovakia Foundation (projects for the mentally handicapped) and Andreas Autistic Center.

The HorseDream® concept know-how combined with her over 30 years of experience with horses based on the principles of partnership, practical leadership, managerial skills and valuable lecturing competencies provide the clients with unique and unparalleled assets.

Lenka is open to new challenges, ideas and looking for new opportunities to help others in personal and professional development. “Think out of the Box”