Julia Felton, UK

Julia Felton

Company: Business Horse Power Ltd
Name: Julia Felton
Country: UK

Hazel Hill Farm
Green Lane
North Yorkshire
YO61 3ER

Mobile Phone: +44 7710 124848
Email: julia@businesshorsepower.com
Wèbsite: www.businesshorsepower.com

Julia Felton is a leadership and team engagement strategist who works with business leaders and senior executives to help them harness the energy of their people.  Why? Because effective teamwork is your organisations competitive advantage. When you enable every team member to find their role and maximise their contribution your business results accelerate.

A former intrapreneur with Andersen and Deloitte where she built a business unit from the ground up before selling it, she has witnessed the challenges of leading through uncertainty and experienced first-hand the wasted time, energy and resources that pervade companies through ineffective collaboration.

That’s why she is passionate about disrupting the status quo and discovering new ways to run and lead businesses so they are fit for purpose in the 21st century. She believes in a world where when people are able to connect to with nature’s wisdom, they can unleash their potential and then find solutions to the most pressing business challenges. When all the business stakeholders – leaders, team members, customers, suppliers and investors – harness their energy and align it behind a shared vision then effective collaboration results and exceptional business results are achieved.

Julia chooses to partner with horses to help business leaders explore this new paradigm for business since, the world of horses and the natural world is rich with evocative metaphors for discussing key business issues; leadership, teamwork, communication, innovation and personal development all provide the perfect way to help leaders and teams explore the intangible aspects of leadership.

For example:
·        How have horses survived for thousands of years dealing with uncertainty each and every day?
·        How can the herd’s principles of Shared Leadership be applied to the workplace?
·        What is the compelling vision that keeps a horse herd safe and working collaboratively each and every day?
·        How does nature operate as a perfect eco-system with no wasted, time, energy or resources?.

These fascinating questions use a new vocabulary and way of thinking about what it means to excel within the world of business.

Julia is a leading authority on Unbridled Leadership and the author of two books Unbridled Business: Unlocking Nature’s Wisdom To Reinvent Leadership & Unbridled Success: How The Secret Lives of Horses Can Impact Leadership, Teamwork & Communication.

She is the host of the IMPACTFUL Teamwork Podcast and a C-Suite and CEO Mentor, consultant, trainer, and speaker.

Contact us today and let us help you unleash the hidden potential in your leaders and teams through the power of the horse.

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