Jude Jennison, UK

Company: Leaders by Nature Ltd
Name: Jude Jennison
Country: UK

Booth Hall Farm Stables
Clamgoose Lane
ST20 2EG

Phone: 0800 170 1810
Mobile Phone: +44 (0) 7584 248822
E-mail: Jude@leadersbynature.com
Website: www.judejennison.com

Jude Jennison is an executive coach, thought leader, international speaker, author and Horse Assisted Educator with a 16 year senior leadership career in IBM, where she led UK, European and global teams.

Jude has inspired people within some of the world’s leading organisations to create more human connection in a high-performance culture. She helps senior leaders and executive teams develop embodied leadership skills that create tangible business results. She combines executive coaching with Leadership with Horses workshops to help leaders identify their leadership behaviours and transform themselves into a courageous and hugely influential, non-verbal communicator.

Jude’s experience as a former senior leader in IBM includes managing a budget of > $1 billion, implementing a European Skills Strategy for 28,000 employees, Communications Partner for the General Manager of Services and Outsourcing Service Manager for a range of clients in diverse business sectors.

Jude is the author of the books Leadership Beyond Measure, Leading Through Uncertainty and Opus.