Jesvir Kaur Mahil, UK

Company: University for Life
Name: Dr. Jesvir Kaur Mahil
Country: England

Phone: +44 (0) 7803 414 903

Jesvir Mahil, the Director of University for Life, is an educator & executive leadership coach with over 20 years experience in the field of education, teaching international students in London, Spain, Italy and the USA.

For the past 30 years, she has been based in London where she currently works as a lecturer at one of its largest further education colleges, Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College. Here, she teaches 16-19 year olds to complete the BTEC National Diplomas in Business Studies in preparation for progression onto University Degree courses.

Previously, Jesvir trained managers at the BBC and Brent Council to complete the Level 4, CIM accredited Diploma in Management Studies. She was involved, as a Business Coach, coaching women to start and establish their own businesses, as part of a government funded project called Her Business, to stimulate regeneration in Newham, East London. She has also worked with the Centre for Excellence in Leadership and executives at the Greenwich Community College to develop leadership skills in Education. In addition, she has been training highly educated, international professionals and business people, in both real and virtual, online networks.

Read 345 positive comments from Jesvir’s online students of English from Japan, Korea, China, Brazil, Germany, Italy and other countries in Asia, Europe and South America.

Jesvir is a Founder member of the BlackStar Club on Ecademy, and she has also established a flourishing business networking club in Ealing, London where she hosts regularBusiness Mastermind Networking meetings.
Jesvir is the author of a personal development novel about relationships, Finding the One in a Million, and has appeared on TV and BBC Radio stations on numerous occasions to talk about societal problems created by the narrow-minded focus on success at work at the cost of satisfaction in personal relationships. Click here to read reviews about the book and listen to extracts of radio interviews. Currently, Jesvir is researching & writing her second book, about leadership, called, How to Rock the Boat … Safely!

The University for Life initiative is the result of Jesvir’s active participation in the field of Personal Development since graduating with a BA Hons Degree in Psychology in 1982, an MBA in 1999, and her training with the Life Coaching Academy, with Dr Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna & Michael Breen, and Life Mastery with Anthony Robbins amongst others. Jesvir works with a team of highly qualified and accredited Executive Coaches with a passion for learning and working experience in the Private & Public Education Sector.

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