Heidi Goossens, Belgium

Heidi Goossens

Company: CabaBLOOM
Name: Heidi Goossens
Country: Belgium

Halensebaan 102
3473 Kortenaken

Phone: +32 497 59 09 18
Email: info@cababloom.be
Website: www.cababloom.be


Welcome to CabaBLOOM® – Where Growth Blossoms Side by Side with Horses

At CabaBLOOM®, we merge a profound passion for horses, humans and organisations with our commitment to fostering human development. This unique blend offers an exceptional approach to personal and professional growth, standing at the crossroads where two worlds converge—yours, and the world of our intuitive equine partners.

Our Philosophy: Learning through Leadership and Communication CabaBLOOM’s® workshops are more than just courses; they are transformative experiences designed to reveal the core of personal and professional development through interaction with horses. We provide an immersive journey into Horse Assisted Education, where the wisdom of horses profoundly influences your growth trajectory.


  1. Communication Mastery Workshops Dive deep into the essence of impactful communication. Our workshops combine theoretical insights with experiential learning alongside our intuitive horse guides. You’ll engage in hands-on activities that offer immediate feedback, allowing you to hone your messaging and listening skills. These abilities directly translate to improved human interactions in all areas of your life.
  2. Leadership Transformation Workshops Transform your approach to leadership with our innovative Horse Assisted Education workshops. Experience leadership essentials firsthand through direct interaction with horses. Learn to lead without words and exert influence with calm assertiveness. Discover how to inspire and lead others, using the silent wisdom of horses to develop a leadership presence that feels both natural and compelling.
  3. Team Dynamics Workshops Explore the nuanced world of team dynamics with our unique educational approach. Unlike traditional coaching, our workshops involve you in physical activities with horses that highlight the core principles of effective teamwork. Participate in carefully designed exercises to uncover roles and relationships within your team, fostering greater cohesion and adaptability.

Additional Services at CabaBLOOM

Equicoaching for Individuals and Families At CabaBLOOM®, we also specialize in Equicoaching®, a personalized coaching method that involves horses as co-coaches to facilitate deep, experiential learning. Whether you’re an individual seeking clarity and personal growth or a family looking to strengthen bonds and improve communication, our Equicoaching® sessions provide a safe, nurturing environment for all ages. Horses reflect emotions and behaviors in ways that help participants gain insights into their own lives, promoting healing and positive change.

Holistic Equine Osteopathy With a deep commitment to the well-being of our equine partners, we offer Holistic Equine Osteopathy services. This practice was initially developed to ensure the health and balance of my co-coaches, the horses. Today, it is also available to all horse owners who wish to maintain their horses in optimal mental and physical condition. Our holistic approach addresses the entirety of the horse’s well-being, ensuring they are not just physically fit but also emotionally balanced, enhancing their ability to participate in our educational programs and in their relationships with owners.

My Story As the founder of CabaBLOOM®, my passion for horses has been a lifelong affair. I bring a unique combination of skills and insights to our programs. My professional journey began in diverse sales and management roles within international corporations, where I honed my skills in people management and strategic leadership. This corporate background laid a solid foundation for my work in horse assisted education. My human interest drove me to deep-dive in human psychology and post-graduate in Equicoaching®. On top of this, my belief in natural horsemanship provided me with the GRO accredited certification of Holistic Equine Osteopath.

Your Journey Begins Here The transformations horses have brought into my life are profound, and it is my mission to let you experience this for yourself. Here, in interaction with the horses, you will find the essence of true growth.

Join us at CabaBLOOM® and begin your journey of blooming with horses. Embrace the opportunity to grow and flourish with our equine guides by your side.

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