Maike Kuehl, Germany & Portugal

Company: Zeus the Coach
Name: Maike Kuehl
Country: Germany/Portugal
Hohenzollernring 109
22763 Hamburg

Phone: +49 177 31 40 495

Zeus the Coach

Being a natural leader, free from doubt and constantly inspiring others: If that’s your goal, Zeus the Coach is your way to achieve it. Because you will learn from the best how to guide others using your heart, hands and feet – and become a truly empowered leader.

On your journey, you will not only be supported by experienced human coaches, but also by highly empathetic horses.

In leadership and teambuilding workshops as well as one-on-one work life coachings taking place in Germany and Portugal, you will find out how to unlock your strength and access your whole potential.

About Maike

I’m passionate about people and their dreams. That’s why I believe that today’s leadership concepts and workplaces need a cultural shift in order to gain the best result for our businesses – both professionally and in private life. Horses can be the key to a smooth change process.

With an extensive background as marketing account director and team leader, I’ve experienced myself how draining the work with teams can be, depending on skills, knowledge and management tools.

But soon I realized, that by trusting and respecting the team members I could give them the space to grow, step into their own power and take charge. As a result, our projects didn’t only become much more successful, but also more time-efficient and a lot more fun for everyone involved.

Good leaders don’t lead with words. Good leaders are able to take their teams on a journey. That’s what I learned from working with horses and what I love to share with my clients.

To implement a life coaching approach in into my work, deeply believing that every human being is resourceful, whole and vital for the success of a team, I completed CTI`s Co Active Coach training program in 2017/18.

People who manage transformations find a driving force in the process in Miranda. She helps you find key figures and coaches you with a clear intention to clarify which course is needed.