Emma Jane Clarke, Ireland

Company: Martinstown Lodge
Name: Emma Jane Clarke
Country: Ireland

Martinstown Lodge,
Co. Meath

Phone: +353 87 4139265
E-mail: info@martinstownlodge.ie
Website: www.martinstownlodge.ie 

Emma Jane works as a senior leader in a semi-state agency. Outside of this she also runs a small equestrian farm, with her partner Ken , at Martinstown Lodge located outside Athboy, Co. Meath.

They have established an innovative leadership and career coaching development centre at Martinstown Lodge, using the unique technique of equine supported coaching.

Emma Jane is passionate about working with people to help them realise their dreams and fulfil their potential. She is a qualified and experienced Professional Coach, qualifying from Kingstown College with two Coaching Diplomas. She has a proven track record in helping numerous people successfully develop their careers and secure new jobs.

This work with the horses, where there is no horse riding involved, challenges people to think differently in a natural and safe space for learning. This is a proven effective method that gets to the core of issues powerfully and effectively. Emma Jane offers this service to other coaches and their clients, which provides an effective and impactful mechanism to gain deep insights into all aspects of their clients.