David & Sharon Harris, HorseDream UK

Name: David & Sharon Harris
Country: England

6 Hylle Close
Windsor, Berks,
SL4 54PX

Phone: + 44 7774 968817
E-mail: david@horseleadership.co.uk
Website: www.horseleadership.co.uk

We are all leaders, some lead themselves, some lead others. Being a congruent leader makes life easier and more meaningful. This programme is designed to help everybody lead the life they want to lead in the way they want to lead it.

Now that people are educated and think for themselves, we need a paradigm shift in their development. Congruent, inspirational leadership by example is the order of the day. This harmonious leadership is about four things: 1) being clear about what you want at any given moment and understanding what is congruent for you, 2) understanding your peers and those you are leading, the way they think and communicate and 3) simultaneously focusing on both 1 and 2 in order to 4) take appropriate and effective action. This brings huge benefits to yourself and everybody around you.

Equine Guided Leadership Development is a powerful experiential approach for developing aligned personal skills in action by working in partnership with horses. You try out your skills by working with a large, powerful horse to do simple tasks. Why horses? Because horses are extremely canny herd animals that only respond well to good congruent leadership and instinctively challenge weak leaders. They don’t have a personal agenda. They just respond to who and how you are at any moment. Believe it or not, human-to-human communication is 93% non-verbal yet most education and training concentrates on the remaining 7%,words. The remaining 93% is largely neglected. This means there is enormous scope to achieve a lot even with just a little work on that 93%.

This is what makes horses so useful – 100% of a horse’s communication is non-verbal. They don’t understand words, so you can’t smooth-talk them or hoodwink them. They’re experts in non-verbal communication. And they’re big and powerful, so intimidation is not an option. As you learn to lead a horse without words (and without force), you are developing the neglected 93%. You will be amazed at how instant and accurate the feedback is. Guaranteed.

Since 2009 acorns2oaks runs HorseDream Partner License Workshops.

In 2010 acorn2oaks was host of the EAHAE 6th Annual Conference: “New Learning from Ancient  Wisdom”.