Caroline Penman, UK

Name: Caroline Penman
Country: England

Dodds Hall, Beggarmans Road

Phone: +44 7850 421925

A unique combination of Horse Assisted Personal Development and Leadership, Craniosacral Therapy and Paleo lifestyle, Caroline’s courses bring clients to a stillness from which they can discover their true potential and relaunch their lives. One-to-one or peer/family groups, we work together to explore life’s challenges and find lasting resolutions.

Why horses? 

– Horses have no agenda – they don’t care what your job or social standing is.

– Horses are not judgemental – they simply respond to how you are moment by moment and give honest and immediate peaceful feedback.  Simple exercises with the horses help you link how you feel with what you are thinking and doing, helping you understand the situations and relationships which appear in your life.

– Horses communicate without words and help humans develop their non-verbal skills

– Horses constantly question their leadership within their herd.  This helps humans explore the dynamics within their teams, be it family, peer group or work.

Watch the video on YouTube:

Horses teach you to feel, to listen to your body.  Being with them in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales brings about a calmness which empowers you and therefore your health and well-being.

Craniosacral Therapy helps you to still the mind so you can connect to your higher self.

Paleo lifestyle furnishes your gut with useful flora that send healthy messages to your brain via the vagus nerve, encouraging you to eat healthy food. 

This is the ultimate luxury in wilderness therapy! You come and change your mind, get out of your own way and launch yourself on the path you are here to explore.