Azra Bekić, Austria/Bosnia and Herzegovina

Company: Grow center
Name: Azra Bekić
Country: Austria/Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fernkorngasse 37/4/1
1100 Wien

Mobile Phone: +43 6 60 27 26 476
Website: https://www.azrabekic.com

I believe that everyone has a genius within! And we all have the strengths and weaknesses that are worth working on!
I believe that we all have the resources we need for success! And together with my horses I guide you through to their discovery!

Our emotions, thoughts and body are one system and affect one another! Change in one causes changes at other levels as well. I want to live in a world where people take responsibility for everything they do and don’t. Because I believe we are directors of our own lives!
I believe that each of us can change the world. I have witnessed this many times! That’s why I love coaching work!
I deeply believe in “The law of beginning” and “Morning shows the day” I start my mornings with a cup of good coffee! Then, once again, and again for a good day!

I love my life. That is why I work with clients with whom I share the same passion for life and work. I work with clients from whom I learn, who motivate me and inspire me everyday on my path of leaving my comfort zone. With clients who are driving positive changes in their environment and those who are aware that knowledge, happiness and love multiply when shared! I help my clients develop potential, personal and professional achievement of excellence!

That is why I chose horses as the perfect assistents on the road to achieving excellence. Those are not any horses, they are Bosnian mountain horses, the oldest autochthonous horse race in the Balkans. This horse, who is a faithful companion of Bosnian man since the beginning, is one of the 2 horses in the world that have the closest connection to hyractheium. As such, he is able to perceive deeply in our being and get our abilities which we did not believe exist, out in the open.

The Bosnian mountain horse is the best teacher I could have wanted and the best trainer in the seminars! At my farmstay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I founded the Bosnian mountain horse stud, and my aim is to contribute to the preservation of this valuable race because it is currently on the ege of extinction.

I am a Mum of Naja, Uma and Tarik. They are my great teachers who provide daily valuable lessons in areas such as imagination, playfulness and carelessness. Amir, my soulmate, with his unconditional support I am endlessly grateful for is in charge of helping me master those lessons. That why I calling myself as Mompreneur!

I love the song “I love my life“ – Robbie Williams because it describes me best and starts my energy with unbelievable energy. I love Frajle`s song “Sarajevo” as well. That song is sufficient for me to at once pack my bags and travel from beautiful Vienna towards the city where people live “out of pleasure”.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vienna, I am guiding workshops for personal and professional development, through individual and group coaching sessions, helping my clients achieve their own excellence. My greatest motivation is when I motivate others to make the necessary step towards the Excellence zone! The effect that your success has on creative part of my personality can be measured with the joy of a parent who sees his/her newborn for the very first time.

Knowledge is my high value, and spreading knowledge for mankind is my mission. Everyone deserves access to the treasury of knowledge, and we who are honored to store that knowledge are bound to facilitate that approach.

I show my people (as I call my clients ) how to awaken a better version of themself and I am happy to motivate someone to make a small turn in their life! I live a fulfilled life I love and I’m endlessly grateful for that blessing!

Licences and Certifications:

  • University Degree of Political Science- Sociology
  • HorseDream Licensed Partner (Based in Austria/Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • NLP Master Trainer
  • NLP Coach
  • NLP Therapeutic Counsellor
  • Wingwave Coach
  • Quantum Entrainment (Kinslow system®) practitioner
  • Theta Healing practitioner
  • Teacher of Autogenic training
  • Points of you® Trainer