Annemieken Van Reepingen, Belgium

Company: Kivik
Name: Annemieken van Reepingen
Country: Belgium

Veldstraat 42
9420 Burst (Erpe-Mere)

Phone: +32 496 10 83 30

Do you want to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business? Looking for an experience that you and your colleagues will remember for a long time and is fun too?

In that case, we welcome you at KIVIK®. To develop a personal and professional leadership, we present to you a unique and powerful approach. Our most important facilitators have four legs, a sensitive soul and weigh a 1000 pounds or more.

Today’s managers need, more then ever, leadership skills, social skills and creativity. A good leader often takes those things for granted and does them spontaneously, but every manager is able to develop those skills. Kivik® teaches your employees an authentic leadership in a safe and constructive environment.

Have you ever asked yourself why the team isn’t exactly doing what the manager asked them to do? Could the motivation and dedication be better under his or her command? Our unique horse assisted approach tells your managers why. Well chosen exercises with the horses present a mirror and allows them, with the help of the coach, to come to crucial insights about their leadership style and qualities.

EAHAE Accredited Program:
Long-Term Training Paardencoaching. Coaching skills through Horse Wisdom.

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