Agata Wiatrowska, HorseDream Poland

Company: HorseSense
Name: Agata Wiatrowska

Country: Poland

Klonowa 21
96-315 Franciszków


Agata Wiatrowska is pioneer of Horse Assisted Education in Poland. Since 2005. She runs HorseSense, a center for development programs with horses, which was created by combining the mission of supporting people in development and showing the world the undiscovered potential of horses. She specializes in running programs based on group process and deep facilitation.

Agata is a certified facilitator of development programs with horses (EAHAE master certificate, HorseDream license), certified coach (TROP Group), second degree trainer. She has an international accreditation to train facilitators of development programs with horses. She is in training as a Relationship and Attachment Trauma Therapist at the NARM Institute in California.

She is the author of books on development with horses: “Psychology of human-horse relations” 2021, “Horse as a trainer. About development programs with horses and lessons from horse-trainers”, 2016 and “Manager learns from horses” 2013.

Agata introduced Horse Assisted Education to Poland in 2005 and since then she has been facilitating development programs with horses for organizations, companies and individuals. She runs her own development programs: HorseSensownia (5-day intra- and interpersonal training), The Way of a Woman (4 days training) and the School of facilitators of development programs with horses. She runs over 30 programs a year and most of them have long waiting lists.