Nikki Kagan, Israel

Company: Kagan Consulting dba Horsesense International
Name: Nikki Kagan
Country: Israel

Harishonim 10
Hibbat Zion 3888500

Phone: (972) ( 0) 523-209-390

Our HorseSense programs represent a unique methodology for connecting people and developing greater awareness for all individuals–leaders, managers, professionals, parents, teams and more. Developed in Israel 14 years ago, (now in the US and Europe) HorseSense is based on the growing field of Equine Assisted Professional Development (EAPD).

As we observe horses together, and experience our own interactions, we learn from them. Unable to rely on persuasion, power positions, or our reputations, we reconnect with our own “horse sense,” becoming more aware of ourselves and others, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This awareness of “presence” – ours and others’ – makes for stronger relationships, and better collaboration and communication.

Through non-mounted, hands-on exercises with horses, participants experience whole new levels of awareness, the ways in which we comport ourselves and the messages we put out, intentional or otherwise. Each development program can be designed around one or more fundamental principles in how we lead, follow, communicate, and connect. Debriefing sessions help participants recognize and internalize the lessons learned by exploring direct parallels between what happened ‘in the field’ and what happens in “real-life,” whether on an individual basis, as a team, or as an organization.