Nikki Kagan, Israel

Company: Kagan Consulting dba Horsesense International
Name: Nikki Kagan
Country: Israel

Harishonim 10
Hibbat Zion 3888500

Phone: (972) ( 0) 523-209-390

HorseSense offers an innovative approach to personal and professional development, blending ancient wisdom with modern practices. Originating in Israel 15 years ago and now available in the US and Europe, HorseSense engages in Equine Assisted Professional Development (EAPD) to forge deeper connections and enhance self-awareness among leaders, managers, professionals, parents, and teams alike.

This unique program invites participants to observe and interact with horses, learning valuable lessons in the absence of verbal communication, hierarchical power, or social standing. It encourages a return to our innate “horse sense,” fostering an acute awareness of our own being and that of others, touching on physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Such heightened self-awareness enriches our presence, strengthens relationships, and improves collaboration and communication skills.

HorseSense’s non-mounted, experiential activities with horses open participants to new realms of consciousness regarding their behavior and the messages they convey, whether deliberate or unintentional. Tailored development programs focus on fundamental aspects of leadership, followership, communication, and connection. Reflective debriefing sessions allow individuals to draw direct correlations between their experiences with the horses and real-life scenarios, promoting profound personal and organizational growth.