Monica Kubik, UAE Dubai

Company: MSB Connect FZE
Name: Monica Kubik
Country: United Arab Emirates

P.O. Box 391186
United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 452 2053
Mobile Phone: +971 50 2512 480

MSB Connect FZE – Corporate and Private Horse Assisted Leadership Seminars
in the United Arab Emirates

Connections are what makes living worthwhile – connecting to yourself and the world around you.

And any successful business interaction requires a good connection too – to employees, clients, suppliers and business partners.

Helping others to connect successfully is a life-mission for Monica Schulz Blank and the concept behind MSB Connect.

A German national, Monica was born and raised in different countries of Latin America, learning to constantly make new connections from a very young age.

During her studies of economics in Germany, it was an internship that brought her to Dubai the first time in 2002. Right after receiving her diploma in economics, she moved permanently to Dubai in 2006 and started her career in the exhibitions industry, where she quickly moved up the ladder and eventually was not only in charge of existing fairs, but also brought new events to the region, leading her own team and coordinating with suppliers, clients, global sales partners and internal departments to make sure every detail was looked after to bring thousands of participants together in one place.

Since 2014, Monica acts as regional representative for a South African service provider of Business Matchmaking at exhibitions – a service that assists in arranging new connections between exhibitors and visitors.

Monica also has many years of vast experience with horses all over the world and in different disciplines, from show jumping to classical dressage, endurance and horsemanship. Interacting with horses has been her passion since childhood.

Through her work with the EAHAE, she is now able to use her knowledge from both the corporate and the horse world to provide clients valuable and long lasting insights into how they can better connect to themselves, their teams, and others around them.

The seminars run in Abu Dhabi (year round with indoor arena) and Dubai (only winter months).