Marina Bukanova, Kazakhstan

Name: Marina Bukanova & Mayia Bukanova
Country: Kazakhstan

1,1, 61, Khodzhanova str.
050060 Almaty

HorseDream Kazakhstan

Marina Bukanova graduated from Moscow Telecommunications Institute and MBA program of the International Business Academy in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Since 2001, Marina Bukanova is the Managing director and shareholder of a software IT company Asia-Soft.

Being already a business lady and a mother, Marina started horse riding together with her two daughters, Asya and Maya. Soon, they bought their first horse. Beautiful gelding Chamberlain was a showjumping veteran who travelled to 22 countries to compete for Kazakhstan.

In 3 years, Marina has built her own club named after this exceptional horse “Chamberlain”. The Club is the author’s project of a world-famous architect – Yuji Imaio – the last student of the great Kisho Kurokawa. Asya Bukanova was a co-author of the project design. The equestrian club “Chamberlain” logo was designed by famous American artist-aquarellist Misha Lenn.

Marina travelled the world to find and implement the latest know-how in horse management. The horses were also collected from different countries and locally. Natural horsemanship and Paddock paradise are the two cornerstones of Chamberlain. It is not a sports facility, no riding club, but a place of peace and friendship for horses and people.

In 2015, Marina Bukanova became a HorseDream trainer and EAHAE Lifetime member. The first horse-assisted business training in Kazakhstan took place in March 2015 at Chamberlain club.

In 2019 HorseDream Kazakhstan Marina hosted the EAHAE 15th Annual Conference: “Soul Of Success” in Almaty.