Robin & Howard M. Schwartz, Michigan/USA

Company: River Forest Farm
Name: Robin & Howard M. Schwartz
Country: USA

1050 Oxbow Lake Road

White Lake
Michigan 48386

Phone: (248)310-2026



Whether You are a family or individual seeking personal growth or part of a team aiming to strengthen collaboration. Our Equine Program offers a safe and supportive environment for exploration and development. Through engaging experiential exercises with our intuitive equine partners, you will gain insights in your strengths, challenges, and patterns of behavior. These lessons are transferred, enhancing your ability to navigate relationships, make informed decisions and overcome obstacles.

What we offer

A one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop essential leadership qualities in an experiential and dynamic environment.

The Result

This immersive journey with our equine partners and fellow participants can cultivate self awareness, intentions and develop a deeper understanding of your emotions and actions. Learn to convey your message clearly, both verbally and non-verbally. Learn how to guide and adapt through uncertainty.