Robert J. Wysocki, Wyoming/USA

Company: Rocky Mountain Horse Dream
Name: Robert J. Wysocki
Country: USA

16 Bucking Horse Ranch Trail​
WY 82070 Laramie


About Robert

Fifteen years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps, with service in Southwest Asia, throughout the Pacific Region, and Caribbean, left Robert with multiple injuries and scars, both visible and invisible. After leaving active duty, he attended an introduction to Therapeutic Horsemanship for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and fell in love with the idea of working with horses. He retired several years ago as a service-disabled veteran and is committing the remainder of his life to building the big leaders we need and lack – especially those leading faith communities, mission-focused organizations, and others pursuing their own call to service – to confront the biggest issues we face as a society.

The Bridge Years

Robert began working as a professional trainer, focusing on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and management skills of intelligence professionals employed by various United States government agencies. He also served as a senior manager and executive for some of these same government agencies, as well as the contracting organizations that support them. His more than two decades spent “in the wilderness” of public and private industry provide a rich experience base and unlimited opportunities to continue developing his own understanding of how people learn, how they think, how decisions are made, and how individuals and organizations attempt to translate decisions into actions. 

Growth, Development, and Change

Several years ago, as part of a personal development opportunity, Robert found the work of author, speaker, and trainer Linda Kohanov and others that had explored the deeply spiritual and healing relationships that exist between humans and horses. Linda’s book, 5 Roles of a Master Herder, had a significant impact on his thinking, providing an easily understood and actionable framework for “socially intelligent leadership.” Reflecting on his own experience with Therapeutic Horsemanship, he has since studied Horse/Equine Assisted Coaching, Horse Assisted Education, horse handling, and horsemanship. Finding HorseDream, meeting Alyssa Aubrey of HorseDream USA, and joining the HorseDream herd has provided Robert an incredible opportunity to bring his unique blend of experience and training to bear on the mission of Rocky Mountain HorseDream.