Razelle Janice Drescher, California/USA

Company: Intentional Leaders
Name: Razelle Janice Drescher
Country: USA

Santa Cruz County, CA

Phone: 408-884-8861
Mobile Phone: 707-326-5681
E-mail: razelle@intentionalleaders.com
Website: www.intentionalleaders.com

Razelle Janice Drescher, owner of Intentional Leaders, Business Coaching & Leadership Programs with Horses, is a Business Coach who helps business owners and their teams build & implement the missing pieces for empowered work relationships and predictable results for business success.

Intentional Leaders, a San Francisco Bay Area Business Coaching firm, offers proven business coaching and leadership programs with horses to help owners and executives achieve profitable business results in an environment of well-being. Serving Silicon Valley and the Santa Cruz area as well as national clients, Intentional Leaders provides Key Executive Coaching and Training Services & Product Offerings, including:

1. Executive Coaching
2. Team Building and Leadership Retreats with Horses (Held in the Santa Cruz, CA)
3. People Management Toolkit – “Empowering Work Relationships”
4. Work Flow Documentation (aka Best Practices or Systems Development)