Jackie Lowe Stevenson, Ohio/USA

Company: Spirit of Leadership
Name: Jackie Lowe Stevenson MSSA
Country: USA

9796 Cedar Rd
Novelty, OH 44072
Phone: 440-338-1752
E-mail: jacalynstevenson@gmail.com
Website: www.spirit-of-leadership.com

Jackie Lowe Stevenson is the founder and CEO of Spirit of Leadership LLC providing coaching, training, seminars and retreat opportunites for corporations and not- for-profit organizations.

She has the ability to work as a consultant, coach, therapist and educator. She is the is past Director of the Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland and past Clinical Center Director of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland. She teaches and lectures within the U.S. and in Turkey, Israel and Mexico.  

She is an adjunct professor at the Mandel School of Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University and on the faculty of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.  Jackie’s professional practice includes Equine Guided Coaching and Experiential Learning and natural horsemanship methods. She is a pioneer in this work and has trained and collaborated in developing this cutting edge organizational development  modality through out the United States and in Europe.

She works with individuals, groups and organizations. She is the founder of  “Wolf Creek”; 
a wilderness based leadership and personal development training program for women. Over 100 women have participated in this year long training program  exploring the teachings of nature and the power of personal presence and the what is possible when creating community.

Jackie is a Lake Erie College Entrepreneur in Residence and founder and director of the Lake Erie College “Experiential Learning with Horses”: Developing Human Potential for Positive Change professional development certificate program.

EAHAE Accredited Program

Spirit of Leadership LLC and Lake Erie College
Experiential Learning with Horses:
Professional Practitioner Certificate Program

At the heart of our work is our awesome herd of seven horses. Pebble Ledge Ranch is a wonderful choice for your individual, group or organizations retreat, seminar, or training program.  
Pebble Ledge Ranch is situated on eighty acres of private conservancy protected land and is surrounded by 500 acres of Geauga County Park forest, rookery and wetlands.  
The ranch is conveniently located within an hour drive of downtown Cleveland, Ohio the popular University Circle cultural center, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Cleveland Hopkins airport, while quietly nestled in the heart of the pastoral Great Western Reserve of northeast Ohio.
Several ecosystems thrive on this land.  Rolling pasture and grass land, a mature woods, ancient hemlock forest, rocks and river invite, observation, hiking and exploration on Pebble Ledge Ranch. The beautiful Chagrin River borders the east boundary, the Canadian Glacier Rock Ledges filled with quartz pebbles border the south boundary, a primorial bog of birds and water creatures extends along the north boarder.  Fox, deer, hawk and heron are among the wildlife that are often seen and make this their home.  
Pebble Ledge Ranch has several structures including a pre civil war bank barn, a yurt (mongolian tent) a guest cottage and farm house which can be made available for activities and meeting space.  The horse facility is home to a gentle herd of five horses with a dry sand paddock work space and picturesque rolling  pasture.  

“My name is Jackie Lowe Stevenson. I have been privileged to follow my professional interest and passion for engaging people in personal discovery and development for almost forty years.   For the last 20 years I have fully integrated into my coaching and consulting work my personal respect and passion for nature, horses, the intelligence of our bodies and experiential learning.
I bring this approach to my work and the work of my clients at a time when we struggle with the changes brought by a highly evolved technological culture and a less evolved relational culture.
My clients include a diverse population drawn from individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities. I have worked with kids from the inner city, parents and  children, family businesses, professional men and women embarking on their careers, individuals challenged with demanding leadership responsibilities, teams struggling to succeed, CEO’s questioning “for the sake of what do I go to work each day.”

The service I provide is unique to each client and innovative in approach, grounded in well accepted practices and based on a strength based “what’s working” and “what needs to change” perspective.
Work is important. We all struggle  with day to day challenges trying to  earn a living and do productive work while living our dreams and destinies. We seek meaning and  identity in our work and strive for purpose in our endeavors.   Being physically, emotionally and mindfully present provides the well spring for meaningful relationships in work and the courage and creative energy to inspire greatness in individuals and their organizations.  
My commitment is to provide the context and professional service to empower the client to achieve their best purpose and to enjoy well being in service of the whole.”