Gerry Savage, Pennsylvania/USA

Company: Four Pillars Consulting Group
Name: Gerry Savage
Country: USA

4543 Laurelwood Drive
Harrisburg, PA 17110

Phone: 717-514-1523

Gerry Savage began a career in business over three decades ago in 1985 after serving on active duty in the United States Marines. In 1991 he entered the field of total joint replacement, winning five President Club awards with Zimmer Orthopedics between 1995 and 2003. Gerry went on to become a distributor for Biomet Orthopedics and then eventually served as a Regional Director for Conformis and Eastern Regional Vice President for MicroPort Orthopedics, Vice President of Sales for Maxx Orthopedics, Senior Vice President of Sales for ALM Orthopedics, and VP of Customer implants and interim COO for NextStep Arthropedix.

In 2018 Gerry Founded The Four Pillars Consulting Group LLC, which provides sales and Leadership training based on his successful book The four Pillars of Sales. In 2020 Gerry was certified as an Equine Assisted Educator Through The HorseDream EAHAE International Program and Alyssa Aubrey at Medicine Horse Ranch in Northern California. This unique program, combined with his business knowledge and knowledge of horses, gives business leaders and teams an out-of-the-classroom experience that will last a lifetime.

The “Art of Leadership” is designed to encourage change towards what best serves ourselves and the people we lead.

If your company is looking for an out-of-classroom experience to enhance leadership and team-building skills, this is a unique environment to accomplish just that! In our leadership practice with horses, the horse reflects immediately (and moment to moment), how effectively (or not) we are leading them. Horses have no agenda for us, they are not impressed by our standing or status, they simply reflect back our excellence or our incongruence. The slightest shift in our actions is acknowledged by the horse and cues us to move from ineffective leadership to highly effective and sustainable leadership practices and strategies.