Barbara K. Rector, Arizona/USA

Company: Adventures in Awareness™
Name:Barbara K. Rector
Country: USA

9852 E. Skyview Drive
Tucson, AZ 85748
Phone and Fax: 520.247.3383



The purpose of ADVENTURES IN AWARENESS™ (AIA) is to develop awareness and expand consciousness while enhancing an individual’s ability to be responsible for self, and thus, contribute to the safety of the group, through work with horses.

This equine facilitated experiential learning process work is suitable for individuals of any age interested in achieving clarity of life purpose, rewarding interpersonal relationships, and compassionate heart centered communication skills. Carefully structured interactive exercises are designed to create bonding, promote team building, and develop personal insights. The AIA process promotes working with horses as reflective (mirror principle – “what I see in you, is also in me”) of our personal and interpersonal relationships.

Learning what horses can teach us about basic life skills in an interesting and often fun approach to awaken our capacity for authentic empowerment. Self empowered individuals make healthy behavior choices and practice mindful awareness of thoughts, feelings and emotions as determinants of personal reality.

Watch the video taken during the EAHAE 2nd Annual Conference in Germany 2006 by Dave Harris:


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