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Sylvie Ouellet
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Company: Equus Soul
Name: Sylvie Ouellet


Phone: +256 77 847 5253
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Equus Soul was founded in 2019 in Uganda with the goal of offering individuals and teams an opportunity to engage with horses and experience a unique perspective on leadership, relationships, and well-being. This work with horses can positively impact our relationships, our leadership style, and the way we live in general.

It is not about horses but about yourself. No riding involved.

Recent studies have demonstrated the physical and emotional benefits when we are with horses. They are masters of “emotional being,” and they are constantly aware of their environment for their own safety and the safety of the herd. Their sensing abilities and their instincts allow them to feel and reflect our energy and emotions, negative or positive when we are interacting with them. They are responding to who we really are in the moment, in the situation. We can learn so much from them about ourselves.

This is about invitation, not force. Horses show us how to establish healthy relationships based on trust, respect, and awareness of yourself and others. They help us understand the power of intention. These are the qualities of an authentic leader that both horses and people respond to and want to follow.

Sylvie Ouellet is the founder and director of Equus Soul. She is Canadian and has more than 20 years of experience in organizational development. Her passion is helping people build self-awareness and self-confidence.

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