Check out what EAHAE members offers for you from 1st to 7th June.

Cooperation 7 Countries 7 Days

For 7 days, consultants from 7 countries will introduce, explain and demonstrate online through articles, podcasts, videos and live Q&A events, what Horse Assisted Education can do for the business world, its leaders and competency development of each individual.

Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, India, Israel, Mexico, Romania – part of the EAHAE, together will cover topics like

  • Competencies: Change Management, Complex negotiations, Resource management etc.
  • Soft skills: Self-leadership, Listening
  • Experiences & emotions: Empathy, Energy, Mindfulness, Validation
  • Client interviews & testimonials about horse assisted education

Please join us in this communication with potential beneficiaries through sharing the information and adding your experience through post-comments. Use the original source or reshare the social media posts, depending on what works best for you.

If you decide to share the original material, please mention/tag the author so he/she can follow and please use the  #horseassistededucation so we can track the reach of our efforts.

Here is the list of social media accounts and original sources you can follow:

 Country LinkedIn consultants’ accounts LinkedIn company account Facebook consultants’ accounts Facebook company accounts YouTube channels Websites
Austria na
Germany na  na
Mexico na
Romania na

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